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Desired profession? Influencer! Vienna is considered to be a particularly young, trendy and modern city in Austria. So it's no wonder that the influencer phenomenon has long since found its way to Vienna. A growing number of young people are turning their hobby into their profession and are ruling the world of social media with their Instagram, Youtube or Facebook accounts. What are the benefits? Social media stars such as Johannes Bartl and Lisa Marie Schiffner are leading the way: With more than a million followers, they can (theoretically) finance their livelihood from advertising revenues alone through so-called influencer marketing.


Find out what an influencer is, how companies can use them for their own purposes and how we as Influencer Agency Vienna or Influencer Agency Germany can support you!

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What is an Influencer?

Influencers typically are young, creative social media personalities who are especially successful with sympathy, passion and unique content on Facebook, Instagram or any other platform. In their posts and stories, they deal with a wide variety of topics - such as fitness, nutrition, fashion, beauty, gaming or travel - and let the public participate. Their success is reflected, among other things, in their high reach and the numerous likes and dislikes their loyal community leaves behind. However, followers in the millions do not necessarily have to be involved - so-called micro influencers are also successful, as they have fewer subscribers but are particularly close to them through interactions that are more frequent.

No matter if it’s an internationally successful idol or the close relationship of a lesser known and more tangible micro influencer – communities place great trust in their social media stars and follow their tips and advice.

The fact that many influencers now work with one or more companies is nothing new to most people. But how does influencer marketing work? Social media stars are usually first approached by companies and asked to cooperate. This is because the influencer receives products or services from the brand free of charge, which he or she then presents or recommends to his or her loyal community on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. In addition, the influencer is paid accordingly for his marketing activities. This investment is particularly worthwhile for companies because it opens up completely new ways for them to reach their target groups efficiently. At the same time, Influencer Marketing allows them to benefit from the close, almost friendly relationship of trust between the social media stars and their respective followers.


Start your own influencer campaign now with the support of our Influencer Marketing Agency Vienna!

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Become an Influencer in Vienna and Austria as a whole

The job of the influencer provides the perfect mixture of having fun and earning money. If you also want to make your hobby a profession, and have a large reach and a loyal community on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or other social platforms, you can become an influencer with our support - for Vienna, Graz, Linz and all of Austria. The beauty of influencer marketing is that it takes place online and does not require any local commitments. We put you in touch with companies that match your style, interests and skills - because the so-called referral marketing depends on the authenticity of the influencer. That is why you decide, of course, whether you want to cooperate or not.

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