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The Model Agency Graz enriches your campaign, launch or online presence by providing the perfect personnel out of our broad selection that includes 4.000 female and male models!

We are proud to present a colorful variety of personalities and faces for your campaigns and brand! It does not matter if you are interested in senior, plus size, tattoo or fitness models, the Model Agency Graz is happy to assist you with your inquiry.

Trust in the many years of international experience of the Model Agency Graz!

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You are going to be thrilled by our models!

Nowadays, we no longer just encounter the "classical" model on the Internet or in brochures! The Model Agency Graz places great importance on a broad and differentiated selection of individual and expressive model personnel. Plus size, best ager, tattoo and fitness models... No matter if you are looking for female or male models, we offer the perfect model for every occasion! But wait… There is more: we also provide our service as an Influencer Marketing Agency in Graz and support your social media campaign.


We do not limit ourselves to Graz and its surroundings, however and also are active as a model agency in Vienna and Linz! In addition, we also work in Switzerland and Germany, as well.

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Benefit from the reach of our testimonials by booking Influencers in Graz!

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The attention of your potential customers is contested more strongly today than it has ever been before! Every day thousands of advertising messages are competing for it via internet, smartphone, television, etc. So how is it possible to find open eyes and ears for your products and services despite all of this advertising noise? The solution: social media influencers. They have used social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and acquired a large amount of followers who keep up with their posts and content, which builds a close relationship. For this reason, followers trust in the tips and recommendations of their stars. Our testimonials promote your product to their followers and create potential customer markets for you to use quickly and cost-effectively! We get you in touch with our micro influencers, who have a moderate social media following, which is much more interactive and narrower due to its smaller size and thus achieves a stronger effect on your target group! Book our testimonials for your campaign or your launch now and benefit from their reach!


Conquer YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Co with our influencers in Vienna, Austria, Switzerland and Germany!

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If you have always dreamed of becoming a model in Graz and the surrounding area, then you have come to the right place. If you are a well-groomed and care about your appearance, are self-confident and open-minded, and have no problem with your own body, then take your chance now. In our contact form you can tell us your data, measurements, as well as possible special features and references and also add first, meaningful photos. We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible!

You are not from Graz? You can apply as a model for Vienna, Linz and surroundings. We are also looking forward to receiving applications from Switzerland and Germany.

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Graz, the “capital of Delight”

With its almost 290,000 inhabitants, Graz is the second largest city in Austria and since 2008 has officially been called the "Capital of Delight". This title is awarded as part of an initiative by Argrarmarkt Austria and the Ministry of Life to make regional and agricultural products and specialities even more visible. But that is not the only title that Graz holds. In 2003 Graz was chosen the "Cultural Capital of Europe" because of its medieval old town, which is the largest of its kind in Europe and also an UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to the six universities and the Graz cabaret scene, the excellent Graz gastronomy and the Graz fair provide variety and new faces. In general, Graz is an established and popular fair location, with over a hundred years of tradition. The need for talented and expressive faces in Graz and the surrounding area will therefore not diminish so quickly!